Seagoing vessels

As a terminal for grain, oilseeds and animal feed, we are able to load and unload seagoing vessels at the same time. We offer a loading capacity of up to 20,000 t in 24 hours. At our facilities we can load ships up to a draft of 12.60 meters. Access to our tidal port is possible at any time of the day or night.

With our discharging units - our pneumatic discharging system and our gripper bridge, we achieve a discharging capacity of approx. 250 to / h and 550 to / h each. This means that a total of 18,000 tons of grain per day and 12,000 tons of feed can be discharged per day with simultaneous ship and inland ship unloading.

There is a long-standing cooperation agreement for loading seagoing vessels with our neighbor, K + S Transport GmbH. At the K + S facility ships with a max. draft of 11.50 meters (37.5 feet) can be loaded. Both companies are connected with one another in terms of materials handling and offer a loading capacity of 100,000 tonnes.

Portmap Hamburg
vessel movements live at the Port of Hamburg

Waterway Vessel

The vessel port is 90 meters (295 feet) long, 12 meters (40 feet) wide and 3.5 meters deep (11.5 feet) at sea level.
The discharging unit is placed on the eastern side of the Silo P. Kruse property. It performs a discharging speed of approx. up to 3000 tons of cereals a day. The dischurging unit has been equipped with a modern security system.


Transporting wagons is an advantageous alternative for environmental reasons and cost considerations. Our plant is designed to unload complete block trains with a daily output of up to 7,000 tonnes.

In direct neighborhood is the freight depot Hohe Schaar. Our covered intake gutters ensure that your goods arrive safely in our silos.
Our versatility is also evident in the loading of wagons. We load full or partial trains with five of our systems and we can load about 100 tons per hour into the wagons. With our own locomotive, we can put together trains to make sure your goods get started on time.


The terminal has a good road access to the A1 and also to the A7 motorway.
However, it is best to look ahead to the best route, as the Port of Hamburg is booming causing the traffic to be compromised at "peak times". For this case we have provided some useful links on the right for you.

The unloading of land vehicles takes place via our efficient intake gutters. The hourly performance is up to 650 tons.
The registration for the loading/unloading takes place via a time slot booking system of the company Cargoclix. This gives you greater planning security for your vehicles and there are no or shorter downtimes. If you have any questions, please contact our staff in the execution.
We are also happy to take over the loading of trucks for you. The goods flow from our plants at 550 tons per hour.

Arrival and delivery times

Monday - Friday 07: 00-14: 00, by appointment until 22:00

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