In our 200 silo cells, we can stock a total of 80,000 tonnes (heavy grain base) for you. The capacity of each cell is 60-7000 tons. Even for heavy flowing products we are well equipped with our screw discharge in Silo V.
SAFETY is very important to us!
Our explosion and cell temperature monitoring as well as safety critical devices in all elevators and conveying routes guarantee a high standard of safety.

There is movement here!

In order to transport the goods accordingly, we are equipped with approx. 1,500 m (4920 feet) trough chain conveyors, 250 m (820 feet) conveyor belts and 25 elevators. Of course we also use our shunting locomotive, forklift and wheel loader

You need patterns?

With our pneumatic / automatic device samples can be taken during delivery and loading. Our in-house laboratory will then analyze external and internal quality values ​​for you.
If you export to countries that require certain quality guidelines regarding the goods, we are happy to help.

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